JJ and Friends Phonics...Fastforward!

Experience the amazing transformation of your child's reading abilities in record time! Instead of you reading to your child, give your son or daughter the opportunity to use the JJ&Friends Phonics... Fastforward! and before you know it, your child will sit and confidently read to you.

The JJ & Friends Phonics…Fast-forward! is a set of reading training materials for children between the ages 3 and 8 (inclusive).  It comprises 2 Animal Alphabet charts, 5 activity booklets and 3 story books.  Apart from the printed material, you have instructional DVDs which guide your child from level to level throughout the reading process. 

The lessons on the DVD’s are presented on Camera by children who themselves have benefitted from this very phonics programme. The JJ & Friends Phonics…Fastforward! gives your child the opportunity to quickly advance his or her reading skills from an early age. Older children can use this programme to overcome poor learning techniques they might have practiced in the past and to compensate for precious time lost.

  • Booklet 1 – English Sounds and Alphabet

  • Booklet 2 – Vowel and Word Building

  • Booklet 3 – Vowel Digraphs and Diphthongs

  • Booklet 4 – Consonant Blends and Their Friends

  • Booklet 5 – Handwriting

  • Storybook 1 – Sharing

  • Storybook 2 – Teamwork

  • Storybook 3 – Becoming Friends

  • Alphabet Chart 1 –  Common Letters

  • Alphabet Chart 2 –  Capital & Common Letters

  • DVD 1 –  English Sounds and Alphabet

  • DVD 2 –  Vowel and Word Building

  • DVD 3 –  Sight Words

  • CD 1 –  English Sounds and Alphabet

  • CD 2 –  Vowel and Word Building

Keisha Welcome-Guevara

Masters Education - International Education (Framingham State College -  Massachusetts, USA)
BA Education - Christian Education (Caribbean Nazarene College, TT)


Caribbean Nazarene College

  • Programme Co-ordinator

    Bachelor of Arts Programme – General Studies, Early Childhood Education, Psychology, and Human Resource Management

  • Lecturer

    Education, Reading Instruction, and Communication

Learning Support and Remedial Centre

  • Administrator and Educational Consultant

University of the West Indies

  • Tutor/Practicum Supervisor

English Language Institute of Trinidad and Tobago

  • Lecturer - General Studies